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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random News and Notes

-I really liked "Taken" with Liam Neeson and so did a lot of other people ($145 million take at the box office). Now there are talks going on for a sequel to the movie..Hopefully with Neeson again.

-"Scream 4" in talks but if it happens its probably gonna be with out Neve Campbell.

-Remakes are the next big thing-There are so many movies in production, talks, development, or just strong rumored- Predator, Conan, Red Sonja, Teen Wolf, Tron, Footloose, Clash of the Titans, and Fame just for starters. These would add to some of the recent remakes Friday the 13th, The Taking of Pelham 123, The Last House on the Left, and Star Trek.

-I love Cheese Burgers!

-Another Indiana Jones movie?? Maybe!!

-And Finally.. On a sad note Ed McMahon has passed at the age of 86. God bless him and his family.

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