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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Your Wife Doesn't Understand You: DVD Collection

I am starting a new weekly post "Why Your Wife Doesn't Understand You" where we delve into things that make your wives or girlfriends crazy trying to understand why you do the things you do.

This weeks subject is your huge DVD collection!!
Does your wife bitch about your thousands of DVDs? Does she yell at you for coming back from BEST BUY with a bag of DVDs? Does she not let you display your DVDs in the entertainment center or anywhere in the living room? Well, I know how you feel! My fiance and i were recently talking about moving out and she told me that there is no way that I will be displaying my DVDs in the living room. She told me I could put them in a cabinet or something that will keep them out of sight. Doesn't she know that I have spent years (and lots of money) to build up this library of movies? Does she understand the pride a man gets in showing off? Does she think that I love my DVDs more then her? She just doesn't get it.

Let me explain it to her and all other women...Men love movies. We love blood and guts. We love bullets and babes. We also love display our collections. We take pride in it, whether its DVDs, books, NASCAR, MLB, Or NFL merchandise and autographs, Etc. We like to show it of to other men. We love to say "mine is bigger then yours". Men love to compete against another men. Lastly, its not the you man love his DVD collection more then you, its a different love. I am not gonna marry my DVD collection...that would be weird, right? Well think I could? Ok ok I'm kidding..yeah kidding...anyways..we love you more then our collections. Don't worry :)

So I hope I have shed a little light on why your man does what he does. I hope when he brings home a new DVD you will sit down and watch it with him. Maybe you will even let him display them in the living room?? Please?

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