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Friday, July 3, 2009

Star Wars Live Action TV Show Updates

Since George Lucas finished up "Revenge of the Sith" there have been many stories and rumors of a Live Action TV Show. At first it was a lot of speculation and fans wishful thinking, but now in the past year it looks like the ball is starting to get rolling with early work is starting on the project. So lets look at what is known so far....

  • The Story takes place between Episode III and IV.

  • Its gonna hit the small screen sometime around 2011

  • The show will revolve around lesser known characters and their struggles against the Empire.

  • A repeating rumor is that Boba Fett will play a large part in the show.

  • There have been reports that Jay Laga'aia (Captain Typho) is in been in talks to reprise his role.

  • Filming will be centered in Australia and New Zealand

  • John Williams' page on contains a very interesting entry listed under the Filmography section:"Untitled Star Wars TV Series" (2009) TV series (in production) (composer: theme "Star Wars")

  • A couple of Australian TV writers have been approached to possibly write for the show.

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