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Monday, July 20, 2009

Interview with Kenneth Rocafort!!!

C-Train: Kenneth you have a very unique style. I am a huge fan and even if its something I don't normally read I will pick up the title if you are working on it. Where did you look for inspiration and how long did it take you to refine this style?

Kenneth:For inspiration I use all class of illustrators the good ones and the not so good. That way I can know the things that one most do and the things to avoid.I don't know how long it took me...but I look for a form that make me feel comfortable and easy to interpret the ideas when drawing. Also I try to my work in a consisting way...but I don't restrain myself when experimenting with other styles... cause I have to modify the style according to the storyline and very important the time to invest in it.

C-Train: What title or character have you wanted to work on that you haven't had a chance to do yet?

Kenneth:At this moment I think it would be LOBO (DC Comics)

C-Train:I remember as a kid I use to make my own comic books and staple them together and try to sell them to my family...what are your first memories of your interest in drawing comics?

Kenneth:My interest in comics also started when I was a kid. I believe my first attempt was at five years old, the comic only had one illustration per page and it was Superman. I think for that moment on I liked comics.

C-Train: What was the first comic you read?? Favorite then and now?

Kenneth:If I'm not mistaken the first comic I read was Badman, but I had at my reach a lot of comics (European, Indies, etc.) When I started collecting comics I wasn't interested that much in the story... I was buying them for the art.My favorite comic then was CYBERFORCE and now well I'm drawing CYBERFORCE. (laugh)

C-Train: If your weren't drawing comics what would you be doing today?

Kenneth:I would be working as a concept designer or illustrator. Thanks for the opportunity.
Look for Kenneth in "Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer" #1 hitting shelves in July!!!!!

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